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Unsecured Loans

$5,000.00 - $1,000,000.00

Is your business in need of quick, unsecured financing? 


9% - 29%

Wooden Home Framing

Asset Based Loans

$25,000.00 - $20,000,000.00

Equipment or property can be leveraged for a larger loan. 


4.5% - 12%

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Invoice Factoring

$1000.00 - $12,000,000.00

Do you have unpaid invoices that are owed to your business?



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In House Financing

Up to $25,000.00 per client

Are you missing out on larger sales because of your clientele's access to financing? 

Credit Card

Card Processing

Lowest Rates Guarenteed

Don't waste money on expensive and complicated card processors. 

Stocks and Trading Screen

Government Loans

Up to $350,000.00 per business

Used for expanding, buying out a partner, buying a business or opening a business. 

About Us

Service Capital has been serving the Canadian business community since 2018. Our staff and partners have over ten years of experience lending to merchants across the continent.


We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver "Grade A" funding options to various industry types, no matter what the issues may be.


Merchant Cash Advances, Unsecured Canadian Business Loans with No collateral, Equipment Financing, AR Factoring, Business Mortgages and Debt Consolidation are programs that we use to help our clientele reach new heights. 

In an age where Wall St receives all the funding and Main St is left behind, Service Capital is there to help small-business owners succeed.

Interested in becoming a Partner with

Service Capital?

Email: | Ask us about our broker & referral programs

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