How do Government Loans Work?

When the government lends you money, it generally does not lend it directly. Rather, it guarantees the loans issued by banks, private lenders, and other credit unions.

The guarantee protects lenders when the borrower is unable to repay that loan. In a couple of cases, the Government Loans Alberta indeed comes directly. Take the example of the USDA, which might lend the money directly to the farmer or even rancher by using money appropriated. It might also issue & service loans without the help of any private lender.

On a further note, the government loan might get subsidized or even unsubsidized. For instance, the federal government will pay the interest on the subsidized student loan that is accrued while one is in school. However, with the unsubsidized student loan, one is always responsible for paying interest.

So, why does the government support loans?

Here are the reasons why Government Loans in British Columbia are supported:

  • Lower rate of interest when compared to private loans.
  • Better odds of getting approved vs. private loans.
  • Capital for the business owners who may be unable to secure it via the private loans.
  • Flexible repayment as well as forgiveness plans.
  • Credit checks are not required.

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